My All To You

by Beatrice Deer

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Ataraxia This is by far the best combination of Inuktitut language and throat singing with western music that I have heard. Great success. Beatrice Deer brings Inuk sensibilities to these songs while keeping them within reach of the rest of us Kabloona ;-)
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aparadoxa This album is *pure* medicine.
Gracias, gracias, gracias, from México.

[H/t to Spanish filmmaker Rodrigo Cortés who, via his podcast, introduced us to a bit of your work with Sapannga Sujunukua]
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melissalg Le premier album qui me fait vraiment apprécier les chants de gorge! Bons beats, différent, intriguant.
Favorite track: Qaujimagit.
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1997 04:01
1997 Irqaumavunga qaisimasimagavit Inutuarurtilunga sunairuttilinga Kinnguumatsitillunga uqumailliutillunga qimailaursimannginavit nakurmiirumavagit Pigutjisimagavit angijumik uvannik Taimaigumagivunga kinnguumatsiliruvit Pititauquvagit piunirpaamik inuusirmik qaujimaqutsugillu nalligitsiarakkit 1997 translation: I’m reminiscing about the time you stayed with me When I became alone, when I had nothing left When I needed someone the most, when I was in a heavy place You never left and I want to thank you What you did for me is great I want to be there for you too when you need me I want life to give you the best And I want you to know that I love you very much
Taku Takugiursugit aulajivunga Kanngusulirqunga piugigakkit Qungattutit, qunganngitagit Nalulirqunga qanuiluuriamik Takulirmigakkit aliasulirqunga Ippigilirqagit piutsaravit Qungattutit Qungalirtagit Nalugunnaiqunga qanuiluuriamik oh... ch: Pigumajalimaatinnik pituinnaqajannginatta Nakursatuinnaqunga katilaujugannuk (repeat) Qanuittuuniit qaujiguma... galuartavinira ajurnamat taimailingammat taimai taimailingammat (repeat) ch: Pigumajalimaatinnik pituinnaqajannginatta Nakursatuinnaqunga katilaujugannuk (repeat) Taku translation: I remember the first time I saw you I am shy because I’m attracted to you You smile, but I don’t smile back And I don’t know what to do I was happy to see you again Because I felt your attraction too You smile and this time I smile back I know what to do now oh… Ch: We can’t always get what we want I’m just grateful that we met (repeat) I did want to get to know you But it’s too bad things are what they are (repeat) Ch: We can’t always get what we want I’m just grateful that we met (repeat)
My all to You Trying to make it through this life Day by day Always asking questions why, I feel this way All the false ways and wrong places, I been looking for love Seeking answers from the outside Can you tell me why Ch: Over the hills and mountains, down the valley I was lost Wandering aimless, you said my name, heard you calling my name From the shadows, out of the dark, here I am for you Broken shattered Cold and tired I give my all to you For so long I've been empty Unknowing how else to be Will I just carry on this way? Survival is all I know On my knees, I look to you You know my soul See within I find my answer I've gone astray [Chorus] [Bridge] Over the hills, through the mountains, down in the valley I was lost Wandering aimless, you said my name, I heard you calling my name Over the hills, through the mountains, down in the valley I was lost Wandering aimless, you said my name, I heard you calling my name Out of the shadows, out of the dark, here I am for you Broken and shattered Cold and tired I give my all to you
Atungak 03:12
Atungak Angakkuk Atungak nunarjuami kaivallaigumanniquq Asianik arnataarluni uqilanirsamik, uvikkaunirsaapimmik Inunnuupatsuni aliananngituut qanuinngitunullu Inuusirmini ingirragami Arnanga malittilugu Uqilanirpaumat tigujavininga piarartaalirniquq atausiunngitumik Nunaminut utisijuvinialuuk Kaivallaigiiramik nunarjuamik Kaivallaigamik Ittururqajanngituq taanna Atungak angakkualuugami Qiturngaqaavinirminut takunialirniquq Naniimmangaatik qaujimagami Nippatualummut tikippuq irniminut Sunauvva inutuqaulirtumut Ningiurmut itirnirivuq anirramiittumut Paniapiutillugu qimalaurtavinirminut Sapangarnik minarsugu Atungak translation: The shaman Atungak wanted to circle the world So he got a younger wife, who can run fast with him He met people along his way Sometimes good people, sometimes unpleasant people, sometimes alright As he journeyed in life with his wife The wife who ran faster now bore more children than one So they returned to their land As they finished seeing the world Angakuk was unable to age because he was a shaman He wanted to return to his first children He knew where they were He reached his son on the ice who was waiting at a seal breathing hole And behold an old man He also entered into an old woman’s home The home he left when she was just a little girl He brought her glass beads as gifts
Sapannga sujunukua - traditional song Sapannga sujunukua sujunukua ningiuraaluujunga sapattusautjangittunga sapappaniatjangittunga Sapannga sujunukua translation: What are these glass beads for, what are they for I am but an old, old woman I am not supposed to bead and I will not bead
Isumavunga 04:42
Isumavunga Imminik tauturquuqunga saumajumik Aliasuttumik isumaaluanngitumik Isumavunga inuusirmik isuartumik Ulapirsauti qaujigumagivara Sunaummangaat tukisinnginakku Tusaumatuinnatara Qanurlikiaq ippinartuq Namminiq suusutsaniq Ah-ahh Qinilaurama takulirqunga pitjutinik Nanigumanngitakka takuvakka ummatigani Atsururnaraluarpat anigulaarmat uppilunga Uqumaittuup asianik pitaqarmat Naimalitainnaqunga Takulitainnasunga Ippigusugiurqunga Sakkuigiurama J’ouvre mon coeur, je sens Je ferme mes yeux, je vois Isumavunga translation: I dream of myself content Happy and carefree I’m thinking about a life comfortable I too want to know what peace is Because I don’t understand it I have only heard about it I wonder how it feels To respect oneself Ah-ahh I found the reasons because I looked I found what I didn’t want to find in my heart I have to believe that it will pass even if it’s difficult Because there’s gotta be more than just hardship I can finally smell the scent And I can finally see I can finally feel As I finally let go I open my heart, I feel I close my eyes, I see
Immutaa 03:31
Immutaa - traditional song without translation as it’s gibberish Immutaa aajijaa Nalirannii aajijaa Aivvaavugut, kakivaavugut Aippait nalippait, kakivait, nalippait, immuq Imutallu tallimallu, kiikitsialu Kiikiuna, kiikiuna Aivariaju tukumi taijaa Ijingillu taikkua Pualunnguangit sugalunnguangit Pualunnguangit sugalunnguangit Immutau tau tau tarqamuunaa Itikkut pikiakaillainarpuq Anakallainarpuq, immuq
Mali 03:28
Mali Namunngasiviiguq maligunnaqunga maligumavagit namunngaliraluaruvit Qaujimalirqunga maligumagakkit Maligumavagit qanuittukuuliraluaruma ch: Nalulirtilunga ikajulaurpama Suviiruttilunga makitilaurpama Surqajairtilunga pigunnasitivarma Asiutillunga nanilaurpama Nangiarnatumiiliruma qairturilangavagit Qularnitaqanngilanga nalunartukuuliraluaruma Tukisivunga qimalaursimaniannginarma Isumaalunniangillanga qaisimainnalimaaravit ch: Mali translation: Where are you going, can I come with you I want to come with you where ever you go I know now that I want to follow you And I will no matter what I go through Ch: You helped me when I didn’t know what to do You got me up when I had nothing left You gave me strength when I couldn’t go on You found me when I was lost You will be my rock in uncertainty I have no doubt in me even if times are challenging I understand you will never leave me I am not worried because you are always with me
Qaujimagit 04:36
Qaujimagit Inusirni qimirrupakkit nalutsutit? Ippiniajatit uqarqajarnagit ummaatinni? Surlu nammatuujarsutit uqumaittumik Inutuujuujarsutit inuqaraluarmat? Qanuikkiit, saimaviit, aliasukkiit? Inuusiq naammaqaa, isuartuuva? Piusirigumanngitatinnik piusiqarqit? Suli taitsumanitanut aulatauviit? Ch: Qaujimagit tukitaarunnaravit Asitinnut aulatautjangillatit Inuusiit uqumaittuvaa, kavarnaqa? Isuittuvaa, atsururnaqaa, qautamat? Qilatsusimajuujaarnimi ippigusukkit? Suli tuqungajugasannut aulatauvit? Ch: Qaujimagit tukitaarunnaravit Asitinnut aulatautjangillatit Nuugumaguvit imminik makilaurit Asitinnik utarqigunnailutit Qaujimagit translation: Have you been confused looking at your life? Not able to tell what your feeling in your heart? Does it feel like something heavy on your back? Do you feel alone even when people are around? How are you? content? comfortable? Is life alright? Good? Are there things you do that you don’t want to do? Are things in the past controlling you still? Ch: Know that you have the power of decision No one is controlling you Is life hard, is it unpleasant? Is it uncomfortable, challenging, every day? Do you feel like you’re bound? Are even the dead controlling you? Ch: Know that you have the power of decision No one is controlling you If you want to move, get up on your own Don’t wait for others
You're with me Whatever I do, whatever I go through You're with me, I'm with you Where ever I go, where ever I'm going You're with me, I'm with you When I awake in the quiet morning You're with me, I'm with you In the starry night when I am dreaming You're with me, I'm with you oh oh oh oh... From the brightest days To the darkest hour You're with me, I'm with you From the highest mountain To the depths of the ocean You're with me, I'm with you oh oh oh oh... oh oh oh oh...


released May 11, 2018

Beatrice Deer - lead vocals and traditional inuit throat singing
Christopher McCarron - guitars
Jordey Tucker - guitar and lap steel
Mark Wheaton - drums
Michael Felber - bass
Parker Shper - piano
Pauyungie Nutaraaluk - traditional inuit throat singing on tracks 2, 3 & 5
Pietro Amato - keyboards

Produced by Mark "Bucky" Wheaton
Engineered and Mixed by David Smith at Breakglass, 2017
Mastered by Ryan Morey
Art by Joseph Yarmush
Executive Producer - Michael Felber


all rights reserved



Beatrice Deer Quaqtaq, Québec

Canadian Aboriginal Music Award-winning singer-songwriter Beatrice Deer hails from Nunavik. Half-Inuk and half-Mohawk, Deer left her small hometown of Quaqtaq, Quebec (population: 376) in 2007 and moved to Montreal. Her themes range from classical Inuit folk tales and legends to the importance of finding understanding and the search for meaning within personal growth. ... more

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